The textile industry has not, traditionally, been a particularly safe one for workers. For centuries, the drive for profit above all else has mean the premature deaths of millions of people, and horrible working conditions for the majority of its workers. Worse still, this is still the case in many parts of the world.

At Elsayaad, however, we have always believed that those methods are not only inherently undesirable, they are completely at odds with what modern consumers want, and demand, from the textile industry. As such, we have made massive investments in our own factory and in the communities surrounding it in order to improve working and living conditions not just for our own workers, but for the entire community.


Of course, good working conditions start with the personal safety of our workers, but do not end there. Elsayaad follows a strict safety policy which addresses safety in two ways:

Internal Safety

Internal safety concerns itself with the safety the people who work here, starting with a modern fire alarm and control system, protective equipment for anyone working with potentially dangerous equipment, and sound-control devices for workers in noisy areas.

External safety

External safety deals with the safety of the products themselves and those who create, sell, buy and eventually wear them. We are proud to say that we have long ago instituted procedures which minimise and in many cases entirely eliminate the risks that equipment, needle or popper/fastener failure might pose to our customers. In fact, we are one of the few producers in the region who are certified as a ‘metal free factory’ in this regard.

Metal Checks


Metal Free Factory

Quality Assurance

Quality control and quality assurance are two critical issues at Elsayaad Tricot Co, We take pride in our Quality Checks and that’s why today we have been able to achieve the great success we are in today in our field.

Our factory goes through an extensive list of checks among which

  • 100% greige fabric inspection
  • Fabric Relaxation
  • Colour continuity cards
  • Finished Fabric tests
  • Primary inspection for all cut goods
  • In process quality control
  • 100% final inspections
  • 100% metal detection before boxing
  • AQL system is applied in all operations and stations
  • 100% snap inspection under magnifying glasses