Not only do we appreciate how important adopting greener, more sustainable practices is in order to operate efficiently and effectively in the 21st century, we appreciate how much importance consumers are beginning to place on buying products which are made in an ecologically and socially responsible fashion.

Going Green

As part of our commitment to run our facilities in an ecologically responsible and sustainable manner, we at Elsayaad we have engaged in an extensive modernisation campaign to keep our facilities on the cutting edge of sustainable, green technology. We now use power-saving LED lighting, Generate a substantial portion of our own solar electricity, and have converted to extremely efficient (and CFC-free) evaporative cooling and air circulation systems

This has had the result of lowering our overall carbon footprint dramatically, and also yields a much better working environment for our employees. Knowing that our manufacturing process is helping to save the environment for future generations is just as important to us as it is to you, as is knowing that we will be producing top quality infant’s clothing and other products for generations to come!


Of course, saving the environment is not enough! It is vitally important to us that we make every effort to improve the lives and opportunities for our workers and their families, thereby contributing directly to the improvement of the economy and social conditions of the entire Nile Delta.

Towards these ends, we have opened a school to teach our employees and the people of the local communities vital language and professional skills which will improve the opportunities for them, their children, and the entire region.