Finished Fabric Warehouse

We make sure to provide the best conditions for all our fabrics.

That includes neat and clean storing areas, fabric relaxation systems and fabric tests and records.

Pattern Making

When it comes to fabric design, we possess what it takes!

Modern CAD systems

  • Gerber
  • Lectra
  • Investronica

as well as highly trained staff for market saving.


Since we consider ourselves one of the leaders in the field, we constantly nurture our factory with high-tech equipment.

Such equipment include:

  • Automatic Spreading Machines
  • Criddle system for tension free laying
  • Air cushion tables
  • Automatic Cutters
  • Die cut for small pieces and motifs


In all aspects of production, Elsayaad Tricot co has guaranteed quality through A/C rooms, latest machineries, 11 colour selection and computerized design systems.


Elsayaad Tricot Co has long been known for giving attention to details, to help us do so, we rely on automatic snap machines, well trained engineers and operators and extensive snap tests.


At Elsayaad Tricot Co, we have a reputation for offering quality products. Quality would not be ideal without the proper packaging.

Hence we make sure to provide A/C rooms, semi automatic hanger pack machines and 100% metal check before boxing