EL-Sayaad Tricot CO was established in 1980 as a family business to produce mainly for domestic market. Elsayaad was built on the core values of quality and affordability, since then our main priority has always remained our clients and their trust in our products.



In 1985, we started to export to some Arab countries and East Europe (East Germany, Chickoslovakia and Russia) while of course expanding our operations and capacity in Egypt, this has led us to further improve our products and expanding our premises and work force.


Export to USA

In 1990, we started to cooperate with USA market, with our product quality and our clients’ trust in our products this has proved to be a great success for Elsayaad, we have maintained a continuing relation with our clients in the United States of America till today.


UK Market Entry

In 1994 Elsayaad had its initial entry to United Kingdom’s market, proving yet again a quality that no one could compete with and maintaining our core concepts of quality and sustainability


M&S Market Expansion

In 1995, we started to export to M&S and increase our volume with them gradually with their increasing trust.


New Premises

In 1998 we built our new premises to permit expansion in capacity and operations on a total area 12,000m( 129,000ft² )


Bigger, Stronger & United

In 2008, we moved our old premises to the new one to have everything under one roof