Universal merit in Baby wears manufacturing

Elsayaad is the frontrunner in the production of knitted baby wear, through its continued development and growing business in all major aspects of baby wear industry.

Our main target is to design and produce to the world a niche and quality baby wear products that can guarantee safety for babies along with all the new embellishments occurred.

Elsayaad serves the export and the local markets through B2B and B2C criteria. Bringing design, developing samples, knitting fabric, cutting, sewing and packaging.

The company has 700 employees in Egypt and has been on the market for more than 30 years.

Elsayaad Tricot CO is leading company on textile business, for domestic and export markets. The Company is uniquely positioned to be one of the country’s leading baby wear manufacturer. It had established in 1980 as a family business to produce mainly for domestic market. The main start was to produce outer and under wear for Babies from knitted fabrics. In 1985, we started to export to some Arab countries and East Europe (East Germany, Chickoslovakia and Russia) while of course expands our operations and capacity in Egypt. In 1990, we started to cooperate with USA market and on 1994 we started our initial entry to UK market. In 1995, we started to export to M&S and increase our volume with them gradually.

In the same time, we started our cooperation with Gap Corporation and increasing our volume with them. In 1998 we built our new premises to permit expansion in capacity and operations on a total area 12000m2. In 2008, we move our old premises to the new one to have everything under one roof. The company is specialized in doing Baby wear knitted garments with a total workforce of 1000 people working together to serve our customers.



Create a garment to be a piece of art that survive for generations.


Serving our customers with safe, fashion, and quality baby products


Innovation, Affordability, value for money, and stylish.

Business Goals & Objectives

Growth by expansion on the different operations of Textile and clothing sector through increasing the distribution, production and outsourcing.

Business Strategy

Providing a friendly environment with no discrimination between any one, dealing with pride and honor. It’s everybody’s business


Pieces Per Day